EU Projects

Dissemination strategy.


From ideation to realization.

Media Production

Audio, video and photos

Events Management

Equipment rental and setup

Live Streaming

We support private and public events with live audio and video streaming. You can use the stream directly on your venue through projections, displays and ledwalls or through the internet, embedding it into your website or your social media channels.

Events Management

Conferences, workshops, meetings, congresses, summits, courses and classes, corporate events, concerts, ceremonies, openings, premieres, etc...we assist our clients with their projects and ideas to think, realize and promote their events.

Media Productions

We create original visual ideas that become reality through stunning videos, audios, 2D & 3D graphics and photographs that you can use for your purposes. We can produce all the kind of medias for all the possibile applications in terms of marketing and communication.


We are Giuseppe, Francesco and Simona. We are Italian but we also like, and above all, feel like citizens of Europe and citizens of the world. We are all professionals and we work in different realities in the fields of communication and multimedia. In the real life, we are united by a deep and sincere friendship that lasts for a very long time. Further than this, for some years now, we are also united in business, in projects that increasingly require all our specificities and qualifications at the same time. Therefore, we have understood that together we can be stronger and we can offer much more to clients in terms of efficiency and creativity. The “EUNITED media” is born from the ever increasing need to bring new ideas and valid solutions in the world of communication and multimedia. The desire to contribute to the growth of our beautiful Europe is strong, and that is why we wanted to put a little ‘of it in the name of our company with which we present ourselves to the world. A Europe united in friendship and in work is strong, and it’s the Europe that we want to believe in, with all the energy we have in our bodies and hearts.


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